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Tobey Williamson is without doubt one of the best acupuncturists in the area. His treatment is comprehensive and highly effective. Tobey is a kind, intelligent, and compassionate human being. I feel very fortunate to have found him.

Over time it has become clear to me that Tobey was trained by an exceptional teacher, and as a student, Tobey has incorporated these teachings into his practice with skill, fidelity, and grace.

I would not hesitate to recommend Good Hearth Eastern Medical Arts to anyone searching for healing.  - Jim, Maine

"I came to see Tobey when uterine fibroids were causing me intense pain and profuse bleeding. The pain decreased and the bleeding stopped within just a few treatments. Eventually I did need surgery to remove the fibroids, but the moxibustion therapy made that possible by increasing my white blood cell count enough to reduce the risk of infection. His treatments also helped my back pain and minimized the flareups from my Lupus. I am so grateful for the time Tobey took to listen and create a plan to help me with my chronic pain, which has diminished greatly for the first time in 10 years. I feel blessed that I met Tobey and that he was able to help me." - Tamarah, Hawaii

Tobey is an incredibly kind man, and helped me a great deal!

I went in with back pain and after a couple of sessions, my pain was much more manageable and I have since been able to work at full capacity with no troubles at all.

From the very beginning, I could tell that Tobey was very thorough and cared a lot about helping people.

Would definitely recommend him to anyone.  -Jed, Maine

"You're a magician. After one treatment my foot is completely painless now. Incredible! Thank you so much!" - Rusty, Hawaii

"I had never had acupuncture before. After my first treatment, I thought, 'There's something to this, I think I'll come back.' After my second treatment, I thought, 'This guy is really headed in the right direction here.' After my third treatment, I thought, ' Wow, Tobey hit it out of the park!'" Ralph, Hawaii

"It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Tobey Williamson, an acupuncturist skilled in the unique and profoundly helpful Seitai Shinpo, Japanese Structural Acupuncture. I am a 63 year old homemaker with a history of serious health concerns that span more than 35 years. Most recently I experienced arrythmia symptoms, kidney discomforts, confusion, headaches and more. When I began receiving treatment from Tobey I was unable to drive myself to the appointments. Most of these symptoms have been completely relieved. I now have the energy and well-being to to fulfill my responsibilities-- and even better, joy has returned to my life because I feel good! He sincerely listens, is quietly confident and you can trust him to do everything he can to help you get well. He cares. Tobey is highly skilled and will be a healing gift to his new community." Rita, Hawaii

"I feel like a million bucks! Got up this morning after your treatment last night and my neck and shoulders felt better than they had in years. Thank you!"                     - John, Hawaii

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Testimonials - Good Hearth in Rockland, MaineTobey Williamson offers Acupuncture / Herbal Medicine / Immune Support in Rockland, MaineGood Hearth offers safe, effective Acupuncture / Herbal Medicine / Immune Support in Rockland, MaineTestimonials - Good Hearth in Rockland, Maine

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Testimonials - Good Hearth in Rockland, Maine
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